Spraggs pork, Winter's Turkey and Tiny Springs Lamb

We are exctited to partner with some of our local producers, we normally have some of their products on hand, if you are looking for something specific we can order anything off of their product lists. Orders are made the last Monday of the month and we pick up Friday of that week.

If you are looking for Turkey's for Thanksgiving, Chirstmas or Easter we are only able to get frozen turkeys, orders must be placed 3 weeks in advance. Check our face book page or the schedule for upcoming dates

We are also looking at getting whole chickens from Tiny Springs Please stay posted for more information
Product List
Product List
  1. Spraggs Pork
    The babies are born year round inside and then when they get to fifty pounds in size, these pigs come to the farm and are put into their free range environment. The pigs continue to be antibiotic free with only plant protein diets throughout their lives. Pastures are seeded with annual grasses to increase grazing time for the pigs: in the colder months, the pigs get straw and alfalfa hay to keep the forage component in their diets.
  2. Winter's Turkey
    Our free range protocol ensures no antibiotics, no growth hormones and no animal by-products are used. Our birds range in sunshine and fresh air and have unlimited access to the outdoors. They are provided a whole grain diet that is supplemented with organic greens and forage. Their total diet is 65% whole grain and they are fed 90% whole grain as a finishing ration. Our birds are humanely raised with total consideration for their comfort and well being. They are regularly provided with clean bedding and have unlimited access to fresh water.
  3. Tiny Springs Lamb
    We believe in the long term sustainability of our land & managing it accordingly by raising our flocks on a rotational grazing system which offers the best growth of our green grass land & offers our flocks to have a free range grass-fed diet thought out the warm seasons in southern Alberta. All our lambs & chickens are government inspected & are processed at a provincially inspected facility that are sent there directly from us , the producers. Available for ordering through the farm. True pasture raised lamb is a Seasonal product.
Product List