From Our Family to Yours

  1. Packing salt
    South of Calgary
  2. Curious heifers
    Humanley Handled
  3. Meet Palin and Chomper
    Family run and operated
  4. The family
    Sustainable management
  5. Pan fried tenderloin
    No Hormones or Antibiotics
  6. Tri tip roast
    Grass Finsished Beef
Highwood Valley Ranch Beef is a fourth generation family operation situated South of Calgary  West of High River, Alberta on the Highwood River. We offer a mix of Angus cattle that are started and finished on grass and free choice oats.

The cattle reaised at Highwood Valley Ranch Beef are a mix of red and black Angus with some Anjou, it is about a 3/4 Angus, 1/4 Anjou. At Highwood Valley Ranch we are a mixed farm so along with raising cattle we grow hay, forage and grains.
Our animals are free of antibiotics and added hormones; any animal that needs to be treated is marked and taken out of our program. We believe that happy cows means good beef so we think slow is fast and fast is slow. We take our time when handling animals trying to keep them in low stress situations. Our beef is dry
aged for 21 days allowing for tender flavourful beef.

If you would like to know more Highwood Valley Ranch production protocols or if you live in Southern Alberta and wish to purchase HVR beef please contact the Nelson family at (403)601-3891 or send an email to

We like to build relationships between the customer and farmer and welcome visits from our customers which provide opportunities to share our connection to the land. Please contact us to arrange a visit anytime.
The Nelson Family
Highwood Valley Ranch Beef